Trophy Room

Grant Williams

6x6 350 " Utah Elk Hunt

Matthew Cunningham

Left Image: 10 Point Whitetail Buck, 16 1/2" Spread. Locally shot in Butler PA.

Right Image: 11 3/16" Beard with 1 1/2" Spurs. Locally Shot in Butler PA.

Dave "Chud" Cunningham

Top Images: White Tail Deer Both about a score of 140".

Bottom Left Image: 10 Point Whitetail Buck 147 3/8" Gross Score. Shot Local in Butler PA

Bottom Right Image: 8 Point Whitetail Buck Shot Local in Butler PA.

Jason Ross

Red Stag 6x5 Rack. Shot in Monroe County West Virgina.

Jenna Laughlin

Black Bear 178 Pounds. Shot in Moffet, Quebec!

Trevor Moore

Whitetail Buck! 117 1/2" 8 Point Buck! Shot locally in Butler PA!

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